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Hunt Recording Studio

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Hunt Recording Studio

We had the honor of building a one-of-a-kind recording facility for Hunt Recording Studio in Torrance, California. This ground-up project included the involvement of all of our teams. Custom built from the ground up; We designed all of the electrical systems, architectural design, acoustics design and finish-out which included custom lighting integrations. The audio technology package features a fully customized Trident 80 analog console featuring our bespoke preamp audio technology, and a wall-integrated custom speaker monitoring system complimented by our bespoke speaker processing and power amplifiers. This studio is a testament to the artisans approach we take at Design Technik.

  • Client

    The Salvation Army, Torrance, CA.

  • Our Work:

    Acoustics Interiors. Architectural Acoustic Design.

Salvation Army Studio Salvation Army Studio Salvation Army Studio Salvation Army Studio

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