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Top Golf – The Cowan Venue

Live Venue

Top Golf – The Cowan Venue

Topgolf had very strict brand and finish guidelines to adhere to; concrete floors, metal walls, glass windows and roll-up doors. Not exactly the best finish material for a music venue.

In addition to wanting a great sounding music venue they wanted to be able to record and broadcast from the space, with an active train track and concrete plant within 100 yards of the space.

Design Technik’s acoustic wall system allowed Topgolf to open a world-class sounding music venue, mitigate the noise from heavy trucks and trains, and meet their brand aesthetics.

This venue is one of our favorite projects to-date. From the ground up: Our team designed and developed all of the architectural acoustic design, as well as designed and integrated all of the audio-visual technology packages for this one-of-a-kind music venue.

  • Client

    Top Golf - Nashville, TN.

  • Our Work::

    Acoustics Interiors. Architectural Acoustic Design.

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Top Golf - The Cowan Venue Top Golf - The Cowan Venue

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